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Chapter Board Meeting Minutes 12.05.2017

Chapter Board Meeting Minutes 12.05.2017

Chapter Board Meeting Minutes 12.5.17

Board Members Present: Sherri Raeford, Mark Lichtenberger, Mel Patterline, Melody Kearns, Lynette Smitherman and Lib Johnson. Missing was Rodger Haberfield.

December 5, 2017

Call to Order: Lib Johnson called the meeting to order around 5:00, as acting chair during the officer elections.

Officers & Directors Selected: Responsibilities of each officer and all Directors were distributed by Mel Patterline for clarification to new board members that have never served. In addition, Lib Johnson supplied a handout with additional officer & Director information and a point plan of items needing immediate board attention. Discussion ensued with Mel Patterline requesting to withdraw from the roster for President and instead to serve as Vice President with Sherri Raeford as President. His initial concern was that no one would choose that office.

Lib Johnson felt the election should move forward with two names- Sherri Raeford and Mel Patterline; Ballot election was held with all board members voting including Rodger Haberfield via email per Lib Johnson. Results follow.

President- Sherri Raeford

Vice President-Mel Patterline

Additional offices were voted on by a show of hands.

Secretay- Melody Kearns

Treasurer- Rodger Haberfield

Directors-At-Large were also chosen as follows:

Communications Coordinator- Mel Patterline

Membership Coordinator- Rodger Haberfield

Social Dance Coordinator- Lynette Smitherman

Special Events Coordinator- Lib Johnson with Mark Lichtenberger serving on that committee

Volunteer Coordinator- Melody Kearns

Old Business: Lib made note that Year End Reports were due, specifically the Treasurers Report and the President's Report. Format exists for both and it was suggested to contact Wes Smitherman for information about the Treasurers Report and Mary in Florida about the President's report. Lib noted that she had been in contact with Melanie & Mark to get the records needed to get the new board group up and running.

New Business:

Black Tie Ball

We all agreed the organization of the Black Tie Ball was very important to get scheduled and the details worked out. 85-89 people attended last year. All aspects were discussed with no decisions made.

December Carolina Heartland Dance:

Sherri & Mel presiding to introduce new officers for 2018-2020

Facebook Closed Group by Sherri:

Best form of communication for Board members; all should "friend" her to be included. Everyone should be in communication over the Holidays by email and facebook to set the next meeting, possibly Jan. 6 and discuss pertinent details about Black Tie. Sherri and Mel will be out of town for the second Sunday Dance so others will need to preside.

Meeting adjourned by Sherri Raeford around 6:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Melody Kearns, Secretary