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Chapter Board Meeting Minutes 12.18.16

Chapter Board Meeting Minutes 12.18.16



December 18, 2016

Board Members Present: Terry Whittington, Mark Lichtenberger, Charlie Hafer, Marty Bergman, Melanie Whittington. Absent: Trudy Atkins and Jerry Snyder.

Call to Order: Terry Whittington called the meeting to order at 1:10 pm at Joseph's Restaurant.

Minutes: The September 11, 2016 minutes were approved with a minor correction. Terry moved and Mark 2nd the motion to approve the September minutes with unanimous acceptance by the Board.

Treasurer's Report: Charlie reported a projected December 31, 2016 balance of $ 2468.38, down $536.26 from the previous year. Charlie presented a detail analysis comparing 2015 and 2016 revenues and expenses. The most significant difference was the decline in overall dance admission revenue which can in part be explained by the mid 2015 reduction in dance admission to $5 to offset the rise in USA dance dues, the discontinuance of YMCA dances and their associated revenues and the loss of revenue from not having a third workshop..

Current/Ongoing Business:

Volunteer Coordinator Position: Linda Jackson has accepted this position. Terry will talk with her about specific needs including monthly decorating and chair/committee for the Black Tie in April. (Later we said Terry was going to talk to Jerry as he is in charge of special events). Melanie will talk with Linda and see if she can come to the January meeting to start getting volunteer. Marty suggested that Lynda Williams might be willing to decorate at the January dance as she has done several years in the past.

Website/Facebook: Mark is the current webmaster for the CH/USA dance website. He reported on current progress with the new website. He will research to see if the website can link distributing the monthly newsletter using our active member list. Lib Johnson is listed as the administrator of the FB page. Charlie will work on posting the newsletter on the FB page.

Workshops: The board discussed what contributes to successful workshops. The consensus was that we have three workshops in 2017: May, August and October. These will be on the 2nd Saturday afternoon with evening dance to follow at the Grange. Melanie will contact Marsha to reserve dates. Melanie will email all teachers who usually teach for us listing the worship and dance lesson dates to determine their availability. We will continue the practice of allowing free admission to the evening dance for those who attend the workshop. During May, August and October there with be no second Sunday dance and no lesson before the Saturday evening dance due to the afternoon workshop.

Instructor compensation: The board had a lengthy discussion of compensation for all instructors, including members who teach classes. The consensus of the board was that compensation shows that the chapter values each instructor's skill. Terry moved that we compensate all instructors for pre-dance lessons of $60 to last from 2:30 – 3:30 and $150 for two hour workshops. Any instructors wishing to not be paid could make a gift in kind donation to the CH USA dance chapter. Melanie will include this information to all instructors. Charlie will check on gift in kind donation process with USA dance. There was also discussion about being certain that at least 10 – 15 min of each lesson be devoted to basic instruction in case new dancers are present.

Membership: 72 members currently; Mark will give a full report at the next meeting. Charlie said we can collect national dues at our monthly dances and facilitate joining/renewing.

Member incentives: The board discussed numerous incentives for involvement. Mark moved and Charlie 2nd the motion that the following volunteers will receive free dance admission:

The motion passed unanimously.

Dance Locations: Terry presented two locations for a 4th Saturday evening dance: the new UUCG Wellness Center on Gate City Blvd and a possible back up option of Swing Swag. The UUCG location is beautiful with a wall of mirrors, an outdoor patio and free parking. There are chairs if we request them, but food is not allowed in the room, though it is thought that water would be. Details are not finalized. The rent is $30 per hour and there may be a discount because Melanie is a UUCG employee. The board agreed that dance admissions would be $10 for members and $15 for nonmembers. Ideally this will start in January. The 4th Saturday dance would not include a lesson. Time has not been decided. Further decisions can be made by the board by email and information evolves. If plans are finalized before the January newsletter goes to press, an article can be put in the newsletter. Otherwise, it will be announced at the January dance, website, FB, word of mouth.

Beginner Lessons: There was a brief discussion of holding beginner classes for member/nonmembers; no decisions were made.

Black Tie April 22, 2017: The board brainstormed a short list of chairs: Patty Agans, Terry and Cynthia Romine, Mel and Victoria Paterline, Daniel and Valerie Paterson (nonmembers) and Allison Bailey. Terry will talk with Jerry Snyder who is in charge of special events regarding contacting these folks for volunteers. Mark Lichtenberger has offered to consider chairing the Black Tie in 2019.

Meeting time: the board agreed that meeting at Joseph's was convenient, allowed time for brainstorming and very productive. It was suggested that we meet there again, on at least on a quarterly basis. The meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marty Bergman, Secretary