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Chapter Board Meeting Minutes 2.10.2018

Chapter Board Meeting Minutes 2.10.2018

Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Sherri Raeford, Mel Paterline, Melody Kearns, Lynette Smitherman, Rodger Haberfield and Lib Johnson; Regrets: Mark Lichtenberger.

February 11, 2018

Call to Order: Sherri Raeford Called the meeting to order at 2:10 after the Board set up tables & chairs for the 4:15 Carolina Heartland Dance.

Old Business:

Secretary's Report: Minutes were presented by Melody K. for review by all; Mel motioned and Rodger 2nd to approve as submitted. Melody made a commitment to have minutes preapproved by email in months moving forward to steam-line Board Meetings.

Treasurer's Report: The signature for the bank was transferred in Mebane, NC for Terry W.'s convenience. Sherri R. and Rodger H. than met in Greensboro to add Sherri to the signature card. Wes Smitherman volunteered to help Rodger H. with the year-end treasurers report that needed to be on file at the National USA Dance office. With Wes handling a lot of the report because he had done one in the past, Rodger H. was able to send in the report on time. Of note, the rent for November & December 2017 CH Dances was outstanding in January. Rodger paid this as soon as the Bank signatures were transferred.

Rodger H. reported a current bank balance of $3,180.00. He pointed out several expenses that will come out of that balance, such as, rent for January & February CH Dance and teacher payments for free lessons in February.

Rodger H. signed the signature page and Melody K. filed in chapter record notebook.

Rodger needs to get tellers for all CH Dances. Wes Smitherman has volunteered for March.

Social Dance Coordinator's Report: Lynette S. reported that Hostesses were procured for March and after decisions were made concerning the April & May CH Dances, she would get hostesses for those. She suggested that as board members we make sure to invite new single dancers to join us at our tables, and make sure to ask them to dance. Lib suggested we create a dance card to tally how many dances each single lady could get, awarding a prize for the most. Sherri felt that could be uncomfortable for some and agreed to table that idea for a while.

Lib J. will be the guardian for all the obsolete VHS movies & VHS Instructional Videos for a limited time. Melody K. is to check at Costco to see what the cost will be to transfer the VHS cassettes that are in good enough condition to CD format. We continue to offer videos free for rental and a $5.00 fee if they are turned in late.

Competitor's Dance at UNC-G- Report from Mark L. (see email attached) reflected a lower attendance than expected and the idea that perhaps facebook was not the best way of letting people know about the practice event. The board unanimously agreed to support one more competitor dance in hopes that the attendance will cover all costs. At that time we will evaluate whether we should move forward with another.

Mel P. offered to reach out to Mark L. with a discussion about the recent changes in the competitor landscape. The amount of active competitors from our area (Raleigh & Greensboro) has declined due to various reasons and there may not be enough to support the venue. Mel suggested inviting a wider circumference of chapters in hopes of more people participating. Based on Mel P. discussing with Mark L., the board agreed to try one more competitor practice event at UNC-G.

Amendment to Competitor's Dance at UNC-G- After the Carolina Heartland meeting adjourned, Mark and Mel discussed the current competitor climate at a later time. Mark was fully aware of the change in some competitor's status and shared with Mel that the Competitor Fun Dance Facebook presence and competitor targeted email includes people as far away as New Bern, NC, Charleston, SC, Birmingham, AL, Northern Virginia and Maryland. They will continue to look for new sources for competitors who may be interested. As well, both Mark and Mel agreed that there seemed to be a lot of potential in the UNCG location (facility and visibility). It might give us an opportunity to offer introductory lessons on campus and draw from the large student population. This might then encourage some students to request the University to fund a Ballroom Dance Team. Our chapter could be very helpful getting that started.

New Business:

April 8 Sunday Dance: With board deliberation at a stalemate, everyone agreed with Sherri to send an email to the CH chapter to see if our members wanted to cancel the April 8 dance (or have it) with the following weekend being the Black Tie.

May 13 Sunday Dance: As well, the board opted to discuss with the CH chapter members whether to move the May 13 dance to Saturday night or leave it on Mother's Day Sunday.

Black Tie Ball

Date: Date is set for Black Tie Ball- April 14

Committee in Charge: Lib J. Event Chair, Sherri R., Linda Perry and Robin Boros.

Theme: According to Lib J., Royal Gala was chosen as the theme. Linda P. and Robin B. are co-winners. Each will receive a $25 discount off BTB(Black Tie Ball) tickets. Robin B. has numerous resources for "Royal" theme due to her active status in Renaissance Reenactments.

Contract: Mel P. has received the contract and after a few questions get answered concerning some language with regards to a $4,500 payment (which has never been requested before), we will be ready to sign. Mel mentioned that this year we may need to subsidize the cost of the dance a little.

Cost of tickets: Extensive research was done by Lib J. and Mel P. concerning the "real" expense of the BTB against ticket prices. With a spreadsheet authored by Mel P., the board discerned that ticket prices could be much lower than last year. We all agreed that a DJ would be of value and that the decorations committee should work to a budget. Melody K. offered architectural props that could possibly work from market storage. Lib J. pointed out that there will be several people offered free meals and we would have to take that into consideration- Dance Teachers that fill a table and hosts who dance with single ladies (2 minimum) will all get in free. College students also need to receive a special discount. $48.00 for members and $55.00 for non-members was discussed, however no decision was made. The board felt like additional information from Lib J. and Koury would be necessary to decide.

BTB Meals Offered: The board looked at a sample menu and chose $29.75 (30.00) for a rough figure per meal. To Mel P.'s understanding, we will need to pay Koury for the meals only because the cash bar will compensate for any other monies owed. He will confirm that notion along with inquiring about the status of gratuities for the servers. Using this information, a rough cost of free meals was established. We have until April 1 to choose menu for the evening.

Deposit/Payment: Typically, no deposit is necessary, however the night of the BTB, Rodger H. will need to have a check available to pay Koury as we clean up.

DJ: According to Lib J., Maria St. John is not available. She has asked someone else and is awaiting their response.

Hosts: Lib J. has asked 2 men at this point to come dateless and dance with the single ladies present.

Tellers: Have not been procured, however, the plan is to ask Lynda Williams & Al Kaperman.

BTB Marketing Materials: Lib J. is overseeing all marketing materials for BTB, which includes flyers, posters and emails. In the past, Linda & Bob Perry have donated monies for programs.

Sherri reflected the success of the meeting today and reminded all to be vigilant checking facebook and emails to continue the Black Tie Dance discussion and decision making process.

Meeting adjourned by Sherri Raeford at 2:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Melody Kearns, Secretary

Mark Lichtenberger's Follow-Up Email to UNC-G Competitor Fun Dance

Hi all,

Apologies for not being there in person. I am teaching a virtual Awareness Through Movement class at the same time as the board meeting to a small group spread out across the country by video conferencing. This is part of my ongoing 4 year certification training. Graduation date is planned for May 2020!

Here is my update for the meeting. Please let me know if you have any follow-on questions for me.


Our website is updated through our April events. Several more people now have access to make updates and I am very happy to share that responsibility. I am happy to schedule a time for us to meet and I can help you learn the update process.

Competitor Fun Dance at UNCG:

Attendance was down significantly from last year's event; 6 paying attendees this time (I was the volunteer). This covered $90 of the $105 cost. I'll hold the deficit ($15) until this event has a surplus, unless we need to manage that differently.

Attendance was down due in part to my belief that more people use Facebook Messenger than really do use it. I believe I'll need to use a similar email distribution process as Lib to ensure I reach the wider and targeted audience. I plan to create an event on our Facebook page and share it with others via FB.

I am planning another Competitor Fun Dance for March 3rd and will send out the announcements shortly to see how much interest there may be. The room is tentatively reserved from 1-4pm. I have until Friday 2/19 to confirm and commit to the reservation.

Music Laptop:

The new music laptop Ballroom DJ worked very well. It made it possible for me to handle the event without assistance. It was easy enough to use that other people were able to select new music when they wanted to make a change, of course in collaboration with the two other couples in attendance. The music laptop was a result of my effort last year and a member donation to our chapter. Billy Dillon donated the laptop and I loaded it with John DeFino's free Ballroom DJ software that included 450 songs + 100 songs from me sorted by America / International style and dance. The system makes is easy to build a song list comprised of a defined song mix and can limit song duration with controlled fade in/out. It is very easy to add new music and categorize it for future use. Let me know if you would like a demo sometime.

Happy dancing!

Mark Lichtenberger