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Chapter Board Meeting Minutes 6.10.2018

Chapter Board Meeting Minutes 6.10.2018

Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2018

Board Members Present: Sherri Raeford, Lynette Smitherman, Rodger Haberfield and Lib Johnson Not in attendance: Mark Lichtenberger, Melody Kearns, Mel Paterline

Call to Order: Sherri Raeford Called the meeting to order at 2:10pm at the Guilford Grange

Old Business:

Secretary's Report: March minutes from Melody K. were perused by email and were approved.

Treasurer's Report: We currently have a balance of $3148.00. Profit from Black Tie was $109.94.

Social Dance Coordinator's Report: Lynette S. is seeking a host for July. Available Board Members are asked to come early and stay late to help set up chairs and tables with the Host.

Special Events Chair: Lib Johnson;

Black Tie Reflection. Lib says expenses were less than expected. Sherri proposed that next year if discount is offered we should offer across the board to all USA Dance members. We decided to table and discuss/vote once BT plans for 2019 are underway and committee is formed. Lib said she sent personal thank you notes to those volunteering time. Mel (through written notes) offered to get dates for Sheraton for next year and suggested this is done as soon as possible as they have specific times they offer the space to us. He also suggested that we should work with Raleigh chapter as they have supported us 2 years in a row with several in attendance at BT and some have offered to assist with set up/tear down. Mel also suggested (in writing) visiting area chapters to get an understanding of who they are and build attendance and also to support. Lib said a couple of people wanted "photo booth" back but we could make it a little more elaborate yet we can still keep overall decorating at a minimum. Lib suggested several of these things we take up with next year's chair.

Showcase plans: Shrine Club is still open for Sept.16. Lib reminded the board of the higher Shrine Club costs she reported in a previous meeting but that she still recommends that we use the Shrine Club despite the cost. The point is that our searches in previous years rendered no other appropriate venues. Lib agreed to send another note asking for a volunteer chairperson and will ask a couple of people personally. Rodger asked what we are paying for the big room. Total cost? Sherri is going to see if she can negotiate a bit on price. A motion was made and passed to pay up to $1300 but Sherri will contact and see if there is any flexibility in pricing. Lib has a sheet that lays out all aspects of showcase preparation to assist the person who is chair.

Lib has a workshop set up for August with Tim. Also plans are in motion for another series of beginner classes in October. Allen Berryhill is scheduled again in August.

Outreach Update by Sherri Raeford: The HP Library performance on June 3 was a success as we booked another Outreach for a health fair in September with one of the audience members. Several people took information and we had one person planning to attend monthly dances. We have another outreach planned for Pennybyrn Retirement Community on August 16.

New Business: Mel P. (in writing) suggested we think about setting up a budget for donations to competitions. He said we are a co-sponsor and should look to donate what we did last year, particularly now that the Crowders have it set up as a non-profit. Rodger reported that we gave $750 last year. Sherri R commented that compared to other expenditures for workshops and such that this was a large percentage of our budget and 24% of our present bank balance. L Smitherman also commented it was a large amount for one event. The group decided it would be prudent to table further discussion until Mel is back to answer questions and clarify, since he is more knowledgeable about the new non-profit status and possibly how money has been directed in the past. We would like to make this decision when as many board members are as present as possible. Sherri R. will see if we can get the Grange in July for a board meeting if we have enough attendance.

We reviewed the list of people who are admitted free to each monthly dance: host, teller, music provider.

Meeting was adjourned by Sherri Raeford at 3:08.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sherri Raeford, President