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Chapter Board Meeting Minutes 6.29.2017

Chapter Board Meeting Minutes 6.29.2017



June 29, 2017

Board Members Present: Terry Whittington Charlie Hafer, Marty Bergman, Melanie Whittington and Linda Jackson, Trudy Atkins, Jerry Snyder and Mark Lichtenberger. Guest: Joann Snyder

Call to Order: The Board met over dinner at Joseph's Restaurant beginning at 6:45 pm.

Terry and the Board thanked Charlie for his service to Carolina Heartland and for all his help with the music, newsletter and treasurer responsibilities. His talents will truly be missed.

Treasurer's Report: Charlie presented the highlights of his report sent earlier in an email. See below for full analysis of budget highlights from email:

1. Almost all ($621) of our funds increase since January 1 ($688) was due to Black Tie.

2. Our funds increase since June 30, 2016 ($156) include $621 from Black Tie and around $300 from 2016 Showcase

3. The "profit" from Showcase and Black Tie covered our donation to 2016 CFC

4. Although it does not show in the summary, the monthly dance attendance (and thus revenue) in the past few months have been a financial drain. Our end of month balances has dropped from $3450 on April 30 to $3156 on June 30. That does include the recent payment of $108 to Linda for BT decorations and $100 to Shrine Club for 2017 showcase.

There is still an outstanding bill (not received form UUCG) for the Wellness center rental in spring for $115.

Membership: currently 69 (47 social dancers)

Future Events:

New Business

1. Treasurer replacement – Mark offered to assume the treasurer's responsibilities through the end of the year. Linda moved to accept Mark's offer and Melanie 2nd the motion. The Board moved unanimously accepted the motion.

2.Newsletter – Trudy offered to do the newsletter as long as people sent her information. Mark suggested we send out weekly e-announcements in lieu of a formal newsletter. No decision was made.

3.Black Tie/Showcase – Jerry proposed we combine the BT with a showcase format starting in 2018. Linda 2nd the motion. The motion was passed unanimously by the Board. Terry will contact the Sheraton about saving the date for 2018.

4.Member meeting – Terry reminded the Board, the USA Dance requires every chapter to have at least an annual all member meeting. Terry will look at dates to see which date will be the best.

5.Showcase 2017 – Marty moved that we not have a Showcase this year, given the declining volunteer participation and dance attendance. Melanie 2nd the motion. The motion passed unanimously by the Board. Terry will contact the Shriner's re: getting a deposit refund.

6.Declining membership – there was lively discussion about strategies to expand membership, develop relationships and engage social and competitive dancers including a fall picnic, Meetup advertising, Triad magazine "free" advertising, dance lesson series for beginning dancers. Mark offered to contact Leland Whitney, Director of Chapter Liaison with USA Dance who has quadrupled the membership of his Minnesota chapter. Mark also agreed to investigate utilizing Meetups to advertise our dances.

7.Fall picnic – a tentative date of September 16th or 17th has been decided upon. Linda, Jerry and Marty will explore options for areas to have the picnic.

The meeting concluded at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marty Bergman, Secretary